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new Past Watcful Dragons book review [10 Jan 2008|07:30am]

A new review of the Past Watchful Dragons: Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis book is now up at Sword of Gryffindor here.
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Past Watchful Dragons - Book Announcement! [30 Jul 2007|09:59am]

I am very pleased to announce the publication of Past Watchful Dragons: Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis.

This volume provides a broad sample of the research presented at the "Past Watchful Dragons: Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis" international conference held at Belmont University on November 3-5, 2005. The contributing scholars reflect a truly interdisciplinary discussion representing the fields of literature, theology, history, and popular culture. The assembled essays offer insights on the messages of C.S. Lewis's fiction and nonfiction, the dramatic adaptations of his work, the influence of his faith, and his relevance to related fantasy literature and authors from J.R.R. Tolkien to J.K. Rowling.

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Read the Table of Contents, including abstracts for each chapter.Collapse )

Read reviews of the book.Collapse )

Past Watchful Dragons is now available from Mythopoeic Press and Amazon.com.
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Early praise for PWD book [21 Jun 2007|08:19am]

I am happy to say that the forthcoming Past Watchful Dragons: Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis book has gained some early praise:

* It is no small achievement to gather twelve essays written with authority and grace (ten on Lewis and one each on Tolkien and J.K. Rowling). Lewis enthusiasts with Puddleglum personalities, who expect at least one bad egg in a dozen, will be pleasantly disappointed.
- Robert Trexler - Editor, CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society

* This is no dry collection, but a continuation in kind of the vibrant conversations that went on between C.S. Lewis and his like-minded friends in smoky Oxford pubs and book-lined college rooms. This “old, old talk,” as he called it, gathered in themes that ranged from the homely to the cosmic, and even beyond. The themes in this book fittingly take in the not-so different concerns of the 21st century, demonstrating the remarkable relevance and inexhaustible fascination of C.S. Lewis’s writings, vision, and continuing presence in literature, cinema, drama and intellectual discourse.
- Colin Duriez - Author of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship, The C.S. Lewis Chronicles, and A Field Guide to Narnia

* A welcome collection of reflections on C.S. Lewis by both seasoned and fresh voices on a widerange of topics topped off with two provocative explorations into Tolkien and Rowling.
- Christopher Mitchell - Director, Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College

The book should be out next month; I will post more information when it is available.
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Mythopoeic Press Announces Past Watchful Dragons Book [03 Jun 2007|09:51am]

The conference proceedings book from the "Past Watchful Dragons: Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis" conference will be available shortly. See the announcement from the Mythopoeic Press.
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PWD Wins 2 Imperishable Flame Awards! [25 Jun 2006|09:34am]

Thanks to everyone for their support!

The Northeast Tolkien Society has announced the winners of the 2006 Imperishable Flame Awards ("nominated by Staff, awarded by fans"):

Tolkien/Inklings Scholarship: Dr. Amy H. Sturgis (Past Watchful Dragons Conference Manager)

Tolkien/Inklings Fan Appreciation: Pieter Collier of the Tolkien Library

Tolkien/Inklings Inspired Creativity: Glass Hammer (Past Watchful Dragons "Inconsolable Secret" Concert)

This year's award ceremony will take place at The Gathering of the Fellowship's V.I.P. Reception July 2nd, 2006 at 8pm.
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Award nominations for Past Watchful Dragons! [01 Jun 2006|09:42am]

I am thrilled to announce that the Past Watchful Dragons event has been nominated for two of the First Annual Northeast Tolkien Society's Imperishable Flame Awards.

Conference Manager Amy H. Sturgis is a finalist for the Imperishable Flame Award for Tolkien/Inklings Scholarship in 2005.

Glass Hammer's "Inconsolable Secret" concert at Past Watchful Dragons is a finalist for the Imperishable Flame Award for Tolkien-Inspired Creation in 2005.

To see the list of finalists and vote online, go to the Heren Istarion website here.

More information will follow soon about the Past Watchful Dragons Proceedings book!
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DVD of Past Watcful Dragons Concert by Glass Hammer [17 Apr 2006|06:06am]

Just one more month! That's when the new Glass Hammer DVD, Live at Belmont, ships to an anxiously awaiting public. But you can pre-order your autographed copy today.

A 5.1 surround sound double DVD masterwork from Amercia's premier progressive rock band, Live at Belmont transports you to the front row of an epic performance featuring Belmont University's 150+ member choir and The Adonia Strings. Filmed and recorded in front of a packed house at Nashville's Massey Auditorium, Live At Belmont includes some of Glass Hammer's larger-than-life pieces, like Heroes and Dragons, Run Lisette, Farewell to Shadowlands; and from The Inconsolable Secret, Long and Long Ago, Having Caught A Glimpse, and The Knight of the North.

Also included are behind-the-scenes video footage, rehearsal footage, a slideshow with commentary, and much more. In all, Live at Belmont provides over 250 minutes of stunning content. So don't delay, click the link below for complete details and to pre-order your autographed copy today.

For more information, go here.
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Updates? [12 Nov 2005|10:59pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was hoping to hear from those who attended! Come on, now, spill!


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Thank you! [06 Nov 2005|03:31pm]

Thanks to all who attended Past Watchful Dragons for making the event such a success! I hope you had a great time. We appreciate your support and participation.
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[26 Oct 2005|08:00am]

New information is available now at our website under "Schedule."

To recap that information, registration check-in will be from noon until 6pm on Thursday, Nov. 3 in Beaman Student Center. The Narnia on Tour room, with author and artist tables, as well as vendor booths, will be open all that afternoon and throughout the conference session hours on Friday and Saturday. At check-in registrants will receive a bag of Lewis-related goodies and a complete schedule of events, including directions and room assignments.

Shuttles will run daily from our sponsor hotel. Additionally, the bottom section of the parking garage adjacent to the Curb/Beaman Center will be reserved for our attendees on all three days. (If you look at the map, the parking garage is 40 and all Thursday events, including check-in and the Narnia on Tour room, are in 17/18.)

Our opening reception begins at 6pm, and we will have our keynote guests in attendance, as well as special footage from the forthcoming The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe film to share. Our banquet begins at 7pm.

We look forward to having you with us at Belmont University!
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I am very upset to say that I won't be able to attend. [03 Oct 2005|10:12pm]

I realized that's the week I'll be moving. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my stuff alone in a building where I don't know anyone yet. Haven't checked on refund information, but that's not really a big deal. I wonder if I can pass along my ticket to someone else? I'd be much happier to see someone else go than to get my money back.

If it's ok, I'd still like to hang out here so I can hear the reports.

I don't even want to think about it - I really was looking forward to it.
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[30 Sep 2005|04:36pm]

FYI, registration for the Past Watchful Dragons ends tomorrow, on Oct. 1. Tickets for Glass Hammer's The Inconsolable Secret concert and David Payne's An Evening With C.S. Lewis performance will remain on sale through October 21, but registration for the conference itself, and discounted tickets to the Lord of the Rings Symphony, will no longer be available.

The Douglas Gresham banquet sold out earlier this month. Thanks for the terrific response!

Here's a new banner, in case anyone would like to use it:

A few edits remain to be made, but a revised schedule is now up at the website. Also, visit here for a new feature on Glass Hammer's The Inconsolable Secret. Thank you!
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Question about registering [10 Sep 2005|03:48pm]

I'm trying to decide if I want the whole package (which includes the LOTR symphony) or if I want to go a la carte. I'm a bit confused though. Everything is listed seperately exept the conference itself. In other words, assuming I don't want to go to the banquet on Thursday, the LOTR symphony, the Glass hammer concert or the Evening with CS Lewis (all not true of course, I do want to go to most of those things) are all the scholarly sessions on Friday and Saturday free to attend?

And...say, I just sign up for the banquet on thursday, will I get into the conference too?

And, one more question. If there someone else attending and I want to make sure I'm seated with them for the banquet, can I arrange that?
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Tentative Conference Schedule [17 Aug 2005|04:40pm]

The Past Watchful Dragons Tentative Schedule is Here!Collapse )
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The Eagle and Child @ Belmont University [12 Aug 2005|02:22pm]


To enhance the time surrounding the "Past Watchful Dragons" C.S. Lewis/Inklings event at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee on November 3-5 (http://www.belmont.edu/cslewis), Belmont's Department of Theatre and Dance will be performing "The Eagle And Child" by Jason Cannon. The official description is as follows: "The Eagle and the Child" recounts the regular gatherings between J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and his brother Warnie at a pub called the Eagle and Child.

The play will begin on Wednesday, Nov. 2 (at 7:30pm), the day before the conference begins. It will run every day of the conference, and the last performance will be on Sunday, November 6 (at 2pm), the afternoon after the conference ends. Tickets can be purchased in the weeks leading up to the performances through Belmont's Little Theatre at 615-460-6199, or at the door as long as seats remain.

Look for another update soon, when the detailed conference schedule is posted online. Thanks!
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vendor tables available [03 Aug 2005|04:09pm]

At the "Past Watchful Dragons" C.S. Lewis event (November 3-5, 2005) at Belmont University, we will have vendor tables available for all three days for a flat fee of $100. We encourage authors with relevant books, organizations with related interests, and artists with complementary works to consider securing tables to advertise and sell their materials and/or publicize opportunities for subscriptions/memberships. The conference already has drawn participants from all over the United States, Canada, and Europe, and it promises to bring significant media attention, as well. Tables will be placed in a space that is convenient to conference attendees and members of the Belmont University community. Assistance is available in monitoring the tables during conference hours.

Also, don't forget that tickets and registrations must be purchased by October 1. Seating for the Douglas Gresham banquet is limited, and tickets for this event will be available only while space lasts. For more information, see http://www.belmont.edu/cslewis .

If you are interested or would like further details, contact information is available at the conference website. Many thanks!
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Update and The Inconsolable Secret [11 Jul 2005|10:14am]

Hello everyone! Plans are coming together for the conference; thirty-nine C.S. Lewis scholars representing a variety of countries and disciplines will be presenting their research during the daytime sessions. A detailed schedule will be available soon.

Also, Glass Hammer's epic double album The Inconsolable Secret, which takes its title from a quote by C.S. Lewis, and which draws on fantasy authors from Lewis to Lord Dunsany for inspiration, is now available. Glass Hammer will perform "The Inconsolable Secret" concert at the Past Watchful Dragons conference.

Early reviews of the fantasy concept album are glowing:

"Surely The Inconsolable Secret is one of the Best Prog releases of 2005, and its grand scope and vintage sounds will carry it over into the hearts of genre fans for years to come. They now have had three absolute classics in a row with Lex Rex, Shadowlands, and now this one. It's well presented, well played, and just an overall classy product put together by a band that is further cementing their lofty status in the annals of American progressive rock. Highly recommended!" -- 5 out of 5 stars -- Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

"Have Glass Hammer made that strong musical statement of their career with this release? Has The Inconsolable Secret gone beyond where they have ever gone before both musically and concept wise? I would say a definite yes! In my opinion calling this “prog album of 2005” would certainly be an understatement! I feel this could well be the prog album of the decade!! Yes I feel it’s THAT good and now that certainly is no Secret!" -- Progressive Ears
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Info? [10 May 2005|10:21am]

My husband (Mr. T) has said that we can probably go! *bounces excitedly* We have to work out details of Danae's school and such, but he's perfectly willing for me to go, and what's more amazing, he's perfectly willing to go too! You have to understand, he doesn't read at all, except for computer programming books. When Danae's school assigned LWW for her to read, he wanted to know why a Christian school was assigning books about witches. But he wants to go with me, because I'm interested and it's something we can do together.

So, I've never been to anything like this before. Will it be a major convention with hundreds of people, some of them dressed as dwarves and centaurs and such? Or will it be a quiet "adult" get-together with people in business suits with alphabet soup behind their names? Just want to which persona to bring. :D

And of course I should read some Lewis besides Narnia and The Screwtape Letters before I go. Anybody have some specific recommendations? And any other material from any other authors I might like to cover?

It's looking good...
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[29 Apr 2005|02:19pm]

New from the April 20, 2005 issue of the Belmont Vision

Fantasy, Faith and C.S. LewisCollapse )
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Glass Hammer Interview (Re: Past Watchful Dragons) [22 Apr 2005|10:13am]

"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet: An Interview with Steve Babb of Glass Hammer" is now available at Pop Thought. In this interview, lead Steve Babb discusses Glass Hammer's forthcoming album The Inconsolable Secret (the title is inspired by a quote from C.S. Lewis), the band's upcoming concert at the "'Past Watchful Dragons': Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis" event, and his thoughts on the music business.
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