Amy H. Sturgis (eldritchhobbit) wrote in pastdragons,
Amy H. Sturgis

vendor tables available

At the "Past Watchful Dragons" C.S. Lewis event (November 3-5, 2005) at Belmont University, we will have vendor tables available for all three days for a flat fee of $100. We encourage authors with relevant books, organizations with related interests, and artists with complementary works to consider securing tables to advertise and sell their materials and/or publicize opportunities for subscriptions/memberships. The conference already has drawn participants from all over the United States, Canada, and Europe, and it promises to bring significant media attention, as well. Tables will be placed in a space that is convenient to conference attendees and members of the Belmont University community. Assistance is available in monitoring the tables during conference hours.

Also, don't forget that tickets and registrations must be purchased by October 1. Seating for the Douglas Gresham banquet is limited, and tickets for this event will be available only while space lasts. For more information, see .

If you are interested or would like further details, contact information is available at the conference website. Many thanks!
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